Gottome Manme Chenio

1. Introduction of the production line

MY-880 PP meltblown fabric production line is a new generation of meltblown fabric making machine developed and produced by our company independently. The meltblown fabric made by our meltblown machine can achieve a filtration effect of BFE95 or more.

The meltblown fabric is the core material of the facial mask, meltblown fabric is mainly made of polypropylene as the main raw material, the fiber diameter can reach 1 to 5 microns. It has many gaps, fluffy structure, good wrinkle resistance, and a unique capillary structure of microfiber to increase the number of fibers per unit area and to improve the filtration efficiency. Surface area, so that the melt blown fabric has good filtration, shielding, heat insulation and oil absorption. Can be used for air and liquid filtration materials, isolation materials, absorbent materials, mask materials, warm materials, oil-absorbent materials and wiping cloth, etc. Domain.

Medical masks and N95 masks are made up of a spunbond layer, a meltblown layer and a spunbond layer, where the spunbond layer and the meltblown layer are made up of polypropylene PP material composition.